Protecting your Cervid From:

Pneumonia  |  Lumpy Jaw   |  Foot Rot

  • Industry leading multivalent Myco-plasma coverage.
  • Custom protocol setup with your order.
  • Can be delivered remotely with a low dose 2cc dart.
  • Bottle size: 100ml or 50 doses
  • Sign up for our CSM (membership program) and receive a $90 per bottle discount during “Open Ordering

Now Covering:

Fuso-bacterium (1), T. pyogenes (1), Pasteurella (1), Bibersteinia (1), Myco-plasma (3)


Easy to Follow Vaccination Schedule

Day 1 = 2cc
Day 21-28 = 2cc
Fall / Spring = 2cc

Note: This vaccine can be delivered via remote injection.  The recommended dart is a 2cc dart supporting a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch cannula (needle) equipped with a gelatin collar. (Ideal shot placement is within the lower neck region – forward of the shoulder.)

 **Please seek the bottle-raised and mother-raised fawn protocols and pre-weaning information within the Cervid Solutions membership area regarding dosage recommendations for fawns.