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On Episode 38 of North American Deer Talk, host Josh Newton is joined by special guest Dr.Christopher Seabury, Professor at Texas A&M. Dr Seabury is considered by many in the cervid world as the foremost expert in CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) genomic predictive research. In this interview, we uncover a decade long body of work relating to CWD and reveal the culmination of that research from Dr. Seabury. From “Walk to Run” we discuss mono-genetic predictive research to Poly-genetic research. Dr. Seabury has created a tool aptly named “GPS” Genomic Predictive Systems, soon (within weeks) to be available for researchers and commercial applications which can ultimately change the narrative around CWD in North America. “GPS” has the potential to provide for what host Josh Newton is calling a private deer “renaissance.” #CWD #deerfarming #deermanagement #cwdresearch

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*Link to the published research paper and Dr. Seabury’s presentation on his work.

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