Sedation Handling Tips

Sedating cervid (deer, elk, and moose) is an important topic to research, discuss with your veterinarian, and be prepared for. It is also important to organize in advance for any sedation event by having all the necessary equipment with you, any equipment that might...

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Understanding Autogenous Biologicals

 Autogenous biologics are custom vaccines, consisting of herd specific (homologous) antigens. Under federal regulation, they are manufactured from bacterial or viral strains isolated in conjunction with animal disease. The disease-causing microorganisms are grown...

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Proper Handling and Storage of Vaccines

It’s important to understand all aspects of maintaining a healthy herd of animals. The maintenance of animals involves care and understanding of not only the animal itself but also the need for a disease management program with a vaccination protocol. Proper handling...

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Acheiving Immunity Article

Successful vaccination programs utilize both the administration of correct pharmaceutical products and the knowledge and science of immunology. Disease protection is based on several factors, the cervid environment, proper nutrition, genetics and housing. A...

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Bad Hair Day!

It is almost common for animals at this time of year to say out with the old in with the new, hair that is. This doe takes that to a whole new level.

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PV3 Vaccine

Pneumonia | Lumpy Jaw | Foot Rot Industry
leading multivalent Myco-plasma coverage

EVI Vaccine

EV-1 is our five isolate vaccine developed to manage
digestive tract issues caused by E-coli and Clostridia Type A