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What to look for in a deer?-

The ideal deer and how to get there.


  The hardest challenge for anyone that raises whitetail deer is figuring out which does are best.

            Buck selection is easier for trait development (antlers)

What is that dominate trait that most breeders, breed for? Antlers!

What is the one trait that separates female and male deer- Antlers!

Why does breeding for antlers traits only destroy a breeding program?

            -The general health of an animal is overlooked

Is body confirmation overlooked- Yes

            -What is the Standard for the female we look for

            -Weights per age- Female

                        -Fawns- age class, weaning, 80+ lbs

                        1.5 year olds- 140 lbs

                        2.5 year olds 155 lbs

                        Mature- 3 yr old or older- 170+

                        Goal mature weight- for 80% of our herd is 200 lbs

Doe weights from RRW this past year (mature weights are represented by animals’ peak weight

            2 does over 10 years old

196- 5 yr

188- 5 yr

157- 2 yr

158- 2 yr

188- 2 yr

149- 2 yr

160- 6 yr

174- 1 yr

195- 2 yr

153- 6 yr

                                                Avg Weight- 171.8

                                                Avg Age-        3.3 yr. old

Decisions are to keep or release animals from breeding program are made how-

Economics and program development