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We have learned from our mistakes.
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Two words; professional commitment. As a LifeCycles Member (LCM), you are committing to the health of your animals and the long-term prosperity of your operation. Becoming an LCM symbolizes your dedication to your animal’s health, providing access to valuable information, products, and discounts.

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LifeCycles Dashboard

Cervid Solutions, LLC is built on decades of research and dedication. The LifeCycles Dashboard is a resource where serious professionals in the cervid industry can retrieve solutions. The LifeCycles Dashboard unlocks the largest resource library of tools resulting in enhanced herd health.

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The LifeCycles Newsletter released monthly contains exclusive content for all things cervid. From articles to videos, and access to North American Deer Talk +, a members-only exclusive podcast. The Newsletter is emailed directly to you and stored in the Newsletter archives for future retrieval.

PV3 Vaccine

Pneumonia | Lumpy Jaw | Foot Rot
Industry leading multivalent Myco-plasma coverage

EVI Vaccine

EV-1 is our five isolate vaccine developed to manage
digestive tract issues caused by E-coli and Clostridia Type A

What is Open Order?

“Open Ordering” is a benefit for existing members and all new enrollees in LifeCycles Membership. 

This program is designed to ensure two things; 

adequate inventory supply
ample time for NAP (Non-Adjacent paperwork, regulatory) 

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