Frequently Asked Questions


===What does your vaccine cover?

Cervid Solutions, LLC offers two unique, cervid-specific vaccines: PV3 and EV1.

  • PV3 contains isolates associated with Pneumonia, Foot Rot and Trench Mouth (abscesses).
    (PV3 Description in Full)
  • EV1 possesses a combination of E-coli isolates along with the problematic Clostridia Type A bacterial strain. (EV1 full Description)

What is “Open Ordering?”

Open Ordering” is a benefit for existing LCM’s and all new enrollees in the LifeCycles program. This program is designed to ensure two things; ensure adequate inventory supplies and allow ample time for Non-Adjacent paperwork (prescription) to be filed. Click here for more information.

How do I order?

Ordering is simple. Login to your Cervid Solutions Membership account and place a deposit order or call our toll free number 844-478-2870 to place an order.

When is the best time to start my vaccination program?

There are two ideal times of year to start a customized vaccination program: spring and fall. Fall breeding season and weaning time is an excellent opportunity to initiate the program. During spring, you also have an excellent opportunity to vaccinate yearling bucks and pregnant does.

What does the vaccine schedule look like?

Please see the vaccine schedule and all our resources on our LifeCycles Dashboard: https://memberservices.cervidsolutions.com/whitetail-dashboard/

What is a booster shot and when is it given?

A booster shot is a second dose, given 3-6 weeks after the initial dose of vaccine. After these first two doses, you will begin a bi-annual booster schedule.

Bi-Annual Vaccine Program

When to begin bi-annual boostering will depend on when you initiate your vaccination program. If you begin your vaccination program in the fall, your bi-annual booster shot will be given the next spring. If starting your vaccination program in the spring, administer the bi-annual booster shot in the fall. Continue to vaccinate your herd once in the spring and once in the fall each year.

Do I need a prescription from my vet?

A type of prescription, known as Non- Adjacent paperwork or NA, is needed to secure your order of Cervid Solutions’ vaccines. This is a USDA requirement based on the unique manufacturing process of our products.

Can the vaccine be delivered remotely??

Both of our vaccine products can be delivered via dart. The recommend dart configuration is the dose quantity listed on the bottle, equipped with either the ½ inch gel collar or ¾ inch tri-port dart. Our vaccines can be delivered in either a Sub-Q injection or intramuscularly.

What type of things should I look for to determine if I need to vaccinate my animals?

Generally, if mortality in any age class is over 10% on an annual basis from any type of bacteria-related issue, a vaccination program is warranted.

What are some of the benefits I should expect to see?

The most common benefits of a solid vaccination program are seen in the youngest animals, up to 18 months of age. Younger animals, specifically fawns, have a developing immune system, and are the most susceptible to infection and mortality caused by harmful pathogens. On many occasions, cervid operations implementing our recommended vaccination program see their mortality rates reduced by as much as 80% when compared to pre-vaccination mortality rates.

Do fawns need to be vaccinated if I did my does prior to fawning?

There is no simple answer to this question. Generally speaking fawns do not need to be vaccinated until weaning.

If my animal is sick will this help?

No. Vaccines are a preventative measure. Administering a vaccine to an animal with an already challenged immune system could cause additional issues.

Will this vaccine work in my area?

Yes. Cervid Solutions’ PV3 and EV1 products are used in regions all over the United States.

What is the cost of vaccine?

Open Order price for PV3 is $260 per 50 dose bottle.
Non-Open Order price for PV3 is $350 per 50 dose bottle.

Open Order price for EV1 is $260 per 50 dose bottle.
Non-Open Order price for EV1 is $350 per 50 dose bottle.

How do I know how much vaccine I will need?

Contact the Cervid Solutions office for estimated amount and custom vaccine scheduling.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Cervid Solutions, LLC accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.