What is Open Ordering?

“Open Ordering” is a benefit for existing CSM’s and all new enrollees in the CSM program. This program is designed to ensure two things; adequate inventory supply is available to you and allow ample time for Non-Adjacent paperwork (prescription) to be filed.

During the “Open Ordering” dates a significant per bottle price discount will be applied to your order. Our current rate of discount for the 2020 Fall season is $90 per bottle!

“Open Ordering” starts May 1st through June 1st. This timeframe is for orders to be used in the FALL and WEANING season of 2020 prior to the breeding season.

Note: Vaccine orders placed outside the “Open Ordering” dates by existing CSM are subject to a additional charge of $90 per bottle.

Benefits for “Open Ordering”

  • Substantial cost savings
  • Customized consultation of vaccine scheduling prior to implementation.
  • Completion of Non-adjacent herd paperwork
  • Consultation with herd Vet promoting a robust VCPR
  • Shipment of vaccine product prior to scheduled utilization

During the “Open Ordering” dates a $90 per bottle discount will be applied to your order.

Due to limited quantity and unique composition of Pneu-Vac2 and Eco-Vac products, Cervid Solutions accepts only a select number of new clients on a yearly basis. We encourage new clients to apply for vaccine service requests within the “Open Ordering” timeframe.

We look forward to our continued service of all cervid health management needs.