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Cervid Farming is hard.
We have learned from our mistakes.
Education is never ending.
Let our experience be your guide.


The following is a sample compilation of services, products, and education components found within the Cervid Solutions brand. Our driving mission is to be the definitive resource for all things deer. Our work is never done!

Josh Newton, The Deer Wizard

Benefits of Membership

Two words; professional commitment. As a LifeCycles Member (LCM), you are committing to the health of your animals and the long-term prosperity of your operation. Becoming an LCM symbolizes your dedication to your animal’s health, providing access to valuable information, products, and discounts.

  • Access to the LifeCycles Dashboard
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  • Vaccine information and protocols
  • Fawning
  • Reproduction
  • Nutrition
  • Remote Delivery and Sedation
  • Diagnostics
  • Pen Management and Handling Facilities
  • State and National Regulatory Review
  • Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Education
  • Genetics
  • Marketing and Advertising

LifeCycles Newsletter

The LifeCycles Newsletter released monthly contains exclusive content for all things cervid. From articles to videos, and access to North American Deer Talk +, a members-only exclusive podcast. The Newsletter is emailed directly to you and stored in the Newsletter archives for future retrieval.

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Vaccine Info and Protocols
Understanding the basis for why we vaccinate is important. Described in this section are full length articles on vaccine recommendations and guidelines, autogenous biologics, handling and storage of vaccines, as well as detailed descriptions of each bacteria isolated in our vaccine products.

Having a productive and healthy fawn crop is vital to the success of your operation. Over decades of development, we have compiled resources providing valuable insight into what works best when it comes to fawning. Our resources provided offer guidance on fawn care from birth to weaning. 

Reproduction is a key component in the propagation of livestock, it is a metric of success. Resources include species-specific gestation charts for Whitetail Deer, Sitka Deer, Red Deer, Mule Deer, Fallow deer, Elk and Axis, as well as education on artificial insemination, embryo transfer, semen collection and natural breeding. 

Our Cervid Nutrition area consists of information on the unique aspects of deer and requirements for a well-rounded deer diet. Needs amongst deer vary greatly depending on their stage of life, species and season. We have resources to assist you in creating a solid nutritional plan for your deer.

Remote Delivery and Sedation
Cervid Solutions vaccine products can be delivered remotely. Exclusively using Pneu-Dart remote delivery systems allows us to rely on their more than 50 years of expertise in product development and manufacturing. Pneu-Dart has the lightest and most accurate Remote Delivery Device on the market. Resources and charts for chemical immobilization, sedation and handling are also within the membership area. 

Pen Management and Handling Facilities 
Handling facilities are a key part of any health program allowing for bulk administration of preventive care items such as Cervid Solutions vaccines. A full-length feature video of our “Handling Facility” is available for review within your LifeCycles dashboard. Also, onsite farm consultation of new and existing facilities, design review and planning is available upon request.

Understanding diagnostics and the pathogens causing disease in cervid can be challenging. Most research on these disease-causing bacteria are focused on cattle or other farmed animals. Cervid Solutions has more than two decades of experience working with deer and has put considerable time and effort into understanding the bacteria that cause disease. Cervid Solutions offers consultation and instructions on obtaining samples from animals and guidance on sending those samples in for diagnostic testing and evaluation.  

State and National Regulatory Review
Understanding your state and national regulatory environment is a large component of developing a long-term strategy for success. Having the resources for review of these items in one place is helpful in the review and planning process.

Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Education 
We offer a comprehensive library of CWD videos, articles, podcasts and presentations focused on CWD along with its biologic and political impacts.                                 

Review of animals’ pedigree, performance and production are essential for success of any Cervid Livestock operation. We offer an exploratory process of developing long-term plans revolving around your genetic goals and the use of DNA analysis. 

Marketing and Advertising
In addition to health management and all that goes with maintaining your herd, whatever your goals may be, the business side of cervid farming is of key importance. Marketing and advertising resources are provided to assist you with making your goals year after year.



PV3 Vaccine

Pneumonia | Lumpy Jaw | Foot Rot
Industry leading multivalent Myco-plasma coverage

EVI Vaccine

EV-1 is our five isolate vaccine developed to manage
digestive tract issues caused by E-coli and Clostridia Type A