Managing your operation in changing times

Everything is useful

How to achieve a level of profitability that meets your goals

            -Function stack

                        Sell Feed

                        Mix your own, ditch the bags

                        Bulk buy products

                        Bottle feeding services


                        Labor- TB testing, cutting antlers


                        Product distribution- Sell tags, taggers, OTC products etc.

                        Pasture management

                        Trade-show setup

                        Ad design

                        Photography- Photo shoots with fawns, or video/ad service

                        Off-season purchasing- Example don’t buy hunting clothes in October/November, purchase instead in March/April

What successful operations do with their product and facility to maximize profit

            Products for sale

                        Bucks- Buck Fawns

                                    2yr old vs 3 yr old

                        Semen- bulk discounts, stay the course

                        Does- Breed vs Open, when buying or selling

                        Capes- Hides

                        Antlers, sheds, cuts, skulls


                        Venison- Specialty products


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