I had a problem with E-coli in my mule deer fawns for four years.  We used the vaccine in the mule deer does in 2012 and then the two shots in the fawns in 2013.  The 2013 crop of fawns had no issues with E-coli and we raised every fawn that was born in 2013. We then used it in our buck pen as we did have pneumonia in the winter in a few of the bucks.  I’m pleased to say we had no issues with pneumonia in the buck pen in 2013.  I really can’t believe how well this vaccine has worked for me.  We did give the shots to elk, sheep whitetail and mule deer females in 2013 and babies born this year have been very healthy with no E-coli issues.  Josh has given me fine service and I recommend him to all deer farmers.

 J.S., Sun River Whitetails, MT