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2015 Whitetail Fawn Protocol (Bottle Fed)

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*Please consult your Veterinarian prior to implementing any Health Management Program.

We highly recommend vaccinating adult animals prior to birthing for proper passive transfer of antibodies via colostrum. See CSM program for more details.


Over the past 16 years Cervid Solutions, LLC has developed a protocol for Whitetail Deer (Fawns) that is the backbone of our health management program. Each farm may vary in its application. Consider consulting our Cervid Health Experts prior to implementation.


Whitetail Fawn Protocol- Bottle Fed Animals


Day 1- (0-24 hours)


After mom has cleaned fawn(s) and they have nursed extensively (usually 6 hours old)

-Physical Exam (Hoof, mouth and ears)

-Navel Cleaned with 7% iodine solution (optional)

– Gender Check

– Weigh fawn

– Pull hair for DNA

– 2cc Eco-Vac Orally delivery

– 1/2 Tube C&E Wildlife Fawn Paste (7.5 grams)

– 6cc Bovi-Serum (SQ) (2 different shot locations)

– 1cc to 2cc Vitamin B Complex (IM)

– Place tag in ear (Girls left/Boys right)


Depending on your geographical area

– .25 cc of Bo-Se may be warranted



Day 2- (25-48 hours)

-1/2 Tube C&E Fawn Paste (7.5 grams)


Day 14-

 1/4cc Pneu-Vac2 (SQ)

-1/2 cc Eco-Vac (SQ)


Day 30- (You may repeat the 14 day schedule depending each farm)

-1/2 cc Pneu-Vac2 (SQ)

-1 cc Eco-Vac (SQ)


Day 60 to 65 –

-1 cc Pneu-Vac2 (SQ)

-2 cc Eco-Vac

– Injectable or Oral wormer, follow manufacture recommendations (fecal test as needed to determine parasite type and load)

-Preventative antibiotic if needed *Please consult your vet*


Weaning (90days)

 –Body Weight check and physical evaluation (Physical Evaluation standards are being developed)

-Injectable wormer of choice.

-Preventative antibiotic if needed *Please consult your vet*

-1 cc Pneu-Vac2

-2 cc Eco-Vac


* All recommendations above should be consulted first by your Veterinarian before administration at your operation*