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Selling items on the site is easy and if your item does not sell, no fees are charged.  With competitive commissions of 10% and a $500 commission cap, many deer farmers choose to use Whitetail Exchange for all of their farm sales.

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Our Guest,

My name is Ryan Rodenkirch and I am currently the Breeding Operations manager for Apple Creek Whitetails. I currently specialize in semen collection, cervical AI, as well as animal health and nutrition. Previously, I attended the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point where I obtained degrees in Wildlife Management, Biology, and a Minor in Captive Wildlife.

Main topic of today’s show-

Fodder: Fodder is a process in which barley seed is placed in a dark temperature controlled room and given water. Currently we plant with 4lbs of seed and by day 6 trays will weigh 30+lbs. Fodder is all natural and can be grown and fed 52 weeks of the year.

For more info contact Ryan,