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The Deer Wizard is on the other side of the firing line (microphone) answering questions from Cervid Solutions team member, Amy Sarge.

1. Oftentimes, we can look back at our lives and see things we would have done differently. What are the top things you can look back on as a deer farmer for more than 20 years now that you would do differently today, knowing what you know now?

2. There are a lot of discussions on genetic selection and breeding goals now. How are you currently forming your breeding goals and what are your top priorities?

3. There is sometimes a lot of negative publicity with the captive deer industry, what is the best way to combat the negativity and shed positive light on deer farming?

4. When do you typically move animals to different pens and how do you make decisions on which animals to put together?

5. How did you decide how you wanted to layout the structure of your farm (fencing/facility/chute etc) and is there anything you would recommend to new deer farmers prior to setting up their facility.

6. You are very involved in your state association. Do you think it is important for all deer farmers to be involved and why is it important?

7. What is the hardest thing you have dealt with on the farm…whether it be sick animals or buck getting stuck or injured by another buck or something completely different?

8. Worst experience? 9.

Best experience?

10. Best advice anyone has ever given?

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